Appoint an Attorney

Chances are you have something in
your own name. A Cash Account ISA.
An Investment ISA. A retirement
solution. Property. A share of an asset
held as tenants in common. 


We ask everyone to arrange a Lasting Power of
Attorney. There are two types. A Health and Welfare
and a Property and Financial Affairs LPA. As Financial
Advisers we need the latter. To exercise any changes
should you be incapacitated for any reason, you
need to appoint an Attorney.

A person over 18, of sound mind and someone                                                      who has not been declared bankrupt.
Essentially, the person you trust the most to operate
your financial affairs and exercise your wishes with your
permission. This is a safety mechanism that allows your
daily finances to continue functioning – even if you can’t.

The Health and Welfare LPA has deeper connotations
about life support. Something that requires discussion.
An essential element of your lifetime preparations.
When you need it – you’ll have it.


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