Security is important. Once you have arranged your affairs – keep them secure together with a master list that you all know where they are. The Roberts Boyt secure portal facilitates this important function for clients and the next generation.

In today’s digital world of cyber encryption, your data is
notoriously difficult to access. So imagine the difficulty your
loved ones have when they attempt to secure Probate when
they have no idea of what you have, where you keep it or how
to access the information.
Creating your master list of all online accounts and their
encryption passwords is essential. Your investments,
retirement plans, protection, insurance, bank, building
society, NS&I Premium Bonds, Cryptos, NFTs, bonded items,
antiques, jewellery, classic cars, wine and gold bullion – all
need to be recorded, stored, and protected.
Nothing ever needs to be lost or misplaced again. The Digital
vault will hold this all securely for you, your Attorneys,
Executors and ultimately, Beneficiaries. Probate time is
significantly reduced to hours rather than months.

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The open banking architecture allows us to securely hold
these data items for clients, together with PDFs of your
most important documents. Passports, Driving Licence,
Birth / Marriage / Divorce certificates. Lasting Powers of
Attorney and your Wills.

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Our 2-step security process ensures your financial information is fully safeguarded; once the fact find is completed our team will aim to be in touch within 24 hours!