Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning?

Reviewing your pension arrangements is paramount, but other factors come into play. Your desired retirement age and when the state pension comes into play.

The tax situation before and after retirement. The benefits you enjoy pre-retirement will they continue post (private medical insurance, company car, death in service benefits).

Cash flow modelling is key to ensure that you have sufficient funds to meet your required needs. Building up sufficient capital to provide those needs in the accumulation phase is critical.

Additionally, utilising annual allowances through pension contributions, ISA contributions, VCT and EIS should be looked at. Cash and Property portfolios are essential, but will they provide the desired level of income that Fixed Interest Securities and Gilts will normally provide.

Structuring the investments to provide your income, and how this can pass on to your spouse, children or successors in a tax efficient manner is what we aim to achieve.

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