Executors Executrix

Executors Executrix

After your Lasting Powers of Attorney have been arranged, we need to arrange your will. Who benefits from your Estate. How do you ensure that the people you want to benefit, will, and those you don’t want to get their hands, won’t. Appointing your Executors or Executrix is the first stage. They can be the same as your Attorney. The same conditions apply. 

Executors Executrix. Your will determines your last wishes, who gets what, and how your family are protected when something happens to you. You do not want a situation where your family have to deal with intestacy.

Work out a disaster situation. What happens if something happens to one or all. Where will your assets eventually end up if you have no one to leave it to. Remember to detail cremation or burial requests, and where. You’ll be surprised how many have no idea what you wanted.

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